Welcome to Ed’s blog on DAQ and Automation!

Understand basic concepts on Data Acquisition

Analog-to-digital conversion, filtering, sampling rates, visualization, and more. All explained with examples where you can actually apply the concepts and see them working.

Band-pass Filter

Get a better grip on sensors and actuators

Pulse Rate Monitor

The automation part is where the real world interacts with your controller. How to use encoders and other sensors, understanding PWMs, and DC motor control are also topics covered in this blog.

Code like a pro in Python

Execution loops, clocks, and other programming techniques to make DAQ algorithms better. Use VSCode and GitHub to create code that you and others can understand and reuse.

Circular Buffer in Python

Other DAQ and Automation resources

Using LabJack?

Check out my fully documented Python package labjack-unified. Hit the ground running with classes for the U3, U6, and T7. You can get a lot done with them before having to go for a deep dive into the LabJack documentation.

LEGO nerd?

You can run the Mindstorms EV3 from your PC right away. Install my fully documented Python package pyev3 to send direct commands to the EV3 brick without any additional requirements. Just turn it on, connect it, and go!

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